Risk is the largest and oldest independent risk management firm in Europe and has a long and proud tradition of sponsorship in sport and the arts coupled with support for numerous charitable organizations worldwide. Foremost amongst Risk’s sporting sponsorships is its longstanding relationship with offshore racing.

The Risk team began racing on the French Racing Circuit. The team’s involvement on the French Racing Circuit culminated with finishing second, with Jean-Claude Chalhoub at the helm, in the 2008 French Championship at Solenzara, Corsica.

Racing Catamaran Standard Super Boat Stock Class vessels powered by twin 280 horsepower engines, the Risk team raced for the first time in the US at the 2010 Miami Grand Prix with Jean-Claude Chalhoub as the driver and Gary Ballough alongside him as his throttle man. The Risk team, with Jean-Claude Chalhoub piloting, went on to achieve great success in the US, winning on a number of occasions inclusive of becoming Florida Champions in 2010 and 2011 and the US National Champions in 2010 and 2011.

In 2010, Jean-Claude Chalhoub, racing under Risk’s colors, became the World Vice Champion at the Key West Annual World Series. Jean-Claude Chalhoub has retired from competitive racing but his interest in the sport continues to this day.

Risk Team Achievements with Jean-Claude-Chalhoub as Pilot

Year Event Position
2008 French Racing Circuit,Solenzara, Corsica 2nd
2010 Miami Grand Prix 2nd
2010 Smokin’in the Sound Biloxi Grand Prix 2nd
2010 Great Lakes Grand Prix 2nd
2010 Thunder on the Beach Space Coast Grand Prix 1st
2010 Lake Cumberland Grand Prix 1st
2010 Crystal Coast Grand Prix 1st
2010 Brighthouse Clearwater Grand Prix 1st
2010 Florida Championships 1st
2010 US National Championships 1st
2010 World Championships 2nd
2011 Miami Grand Prix 1st
2011 Suncoast Grand Prix 1st
2011 Great Lakes Grand Prix 1st
2011 Brighthouse Clearwater Grand Prix 3rd
2011 Florida Championships 1st
2011 US National Championships 1st